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Fedoras are cool!

I am having multiple thoughts that I know go together in some sort of way.  I know I need to flesh them out some but here they are in a rather raw form.

  1. Gene Wilder had a great deal of say in the development of Willy Wanka’s look.  After viewing early sketches of Willy Wanka’s costume, he wrote a letter to the Director Mel Stewart.  Here is a link to that letter. It is funny how costumes work.  It is something that when they work few people notice.  When they don’t work then that hits you in the face.  A great amount of our perception about who the character is comes from the clothing choices.  I’m certain that this is goes into how the actor’s feel about the characters.  In this sense the clothing will affect the actor’s performance for better or worse.
  2. Chris Hardwick has been getting grief about the way he dresses.  I’ve been guilty of it but I avoid doing so publicly. Ultimately I feel it is none of my business.  Chris’ current look is the opposite fashion choices to the one’s he made when he was still drinking.  He cut his hair and he traded in his baggy clothing for fitted clothing.  Deliberate choices or not his fashion change was an attempt to get him out of the mindset that was not ultimately good for him.  Men tend to develop fashion choices until a certain age.  They they will continue to buy those types of things until they die.  Chris’ year is 2004?  People think they are going for the cheap and easy laugh by making fun of his clothing choices.  But his fashion choices are a bit more personal than he would ever admit.  The fact that he’s wearing clothing should be a win.  And by win I mean that there is something to remove…in my dreams.
  1. Cospayers & Costumes: Cosplaying is something I have thought about for years.  I’ve never had the nerve to do it.  That was until I made the scarf.  Now I have the infamous scarf and thus my Doctor Who Tom Baker inspired 4th Doctor costume was born.  That was the only thing I made. But that does not mean I have not put a great deal of time and energy putting together the perfect outfit! I looked at many pictures of Tom Baker thought the years.  I then decided on his over all look and feel.  To me there was a certain chaotic order in his style.  I then set out to find the items that would give methat chaotic order.  I know that because I didn’t take cloth and make my outfit my efforts are some how not worthy of note.  My talent in this area is choosing things that go together to create a look.

I’m certain that those thoughts are the seeds of something important.  I just need to flesh them out.