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Some would argue that it is a short drive to my craziness.  I will accuse them of having a lack of vision!  At any rate, here is what I am trying to do.  For the longest time I have been thinking about Nerdist Industries–Nerdist.com in particular.  The site is a great site.  There are lots of news about wonderfully nerdy things. 

I’ve always felt that Nerdist.com could become more than what it is.  Not just a conduit for passing on news about the latest nerd related thing.  It could be a respectful place where nerds discuss the meaning of what it is to be a nerd. There are lots of things that can grow out of that discussion. 

I’m thinking that ultimately Nerdist.com could be the Slate.com of the Nerdist set.  I’m not sure how Nerdist differ from Slate-ist (is that a thing?).  The goal of this project is to gather a bunch of really talented people to work some of this stuff out.  Maybe just maybe we can become good enough to fold into Nerdist.com.  Or maybe we will not need to?

If this sounds like something you’d want to help out with, let me know. 🙂