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I am working on a new logo for my podcast.

As I think about how to get this blog off the ground, I think posting small regular articles will be more useful than waiting to post one long article.

Episode #32 of my podcast is posted! Here it is below:

(If anyone knows a better way to embed audio in a post, let me know.)

I’ve spent the last couple of podcast attempting to tell jokes.  But in this podcast I attempt to develop an original joke.  The humor isn’t the joke but the attempt at it.  I think it could have been interesting if I didn’t step all over the delivery.

I also talk about what happened last week in the pods. James Gunn was on both the Nerdist and Adam Carolla.  Much was learned about all parties involved.  Both shows were delightful.  I highly recommend you listen to it if you like James Gunn.  Here are some handy links:
1. http://www.nerdist.com/2012/06/nerdist-podcast-james-gunn/
2. http://www.adamcarolla.com/james-gunn/
3. @JamesGunn and  http://LollipopChainsaw.com  and  http://JamesGunn.com

I talked about Louis CK’s appearance on the BS Report with Bill Simmons.  He talked about the 3d season of Louie and his tour.  Louis is definitely a trail blazer in terms of how he has set up his career.  For me, it was such a joy to listen to Louis and Bill talk about boxing.  I just get such a kick out of hearing people talk about the things they are passionate.  Even if it is not something I would be interested in.  Boxing is pretty interesting given the results of the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight.  It turns out that Louis is a friend of Pacquiao.  That added an extra layer of interest for me.

The other day Adam Carolla was talking to someone who’s career was in a rut.  The caller said that he is the first one in and last one out.  But he hasn’t seen any advantage to his hard work.  Adam said that these things do not happen over time but usually in a burst.  I think he is right in this.  I wonder if all this work on the podcast and blogs will amount to anything? Well it is the journey and experience of writing and recording that are important.  Chris Hardwick is always advising people to just do it and be consistent about it.  Here is me doing it consistently–hopefully good?

If there is anything you ‘d like to see on the pod, let me know.  I’ll take questions/comments/quemments!!

Thank you for reading!

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