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On July 2, 2012 Chris Hardwick got to live a dream I bet he didn’t even know he had! To promote Course of the Force he threw out the first pitch in Dodger’s Stadium during their Star Wars theme night. When this even was announced my first thought was “How can I get there to see it in person?”   My second thought was “you have this thing called a job.”  But fret not!  I was able to live the whole experience though the magic of twitter. ….and this is MY story of HIS story.

Chris Tweets about

I would totally draft him on my fantasy baseball team the Cranston Daisies!

During the days that lead up to the big event, may people were attempting to help or maybe psyche him out a bit.  We all know it is futile to try to get into Chris’ head.  I’m not sure why people would bother. Oh right, it’s actually pretty easy and the results are incredible amusing.   Of course it does not help that everyone constantly reminded him that the throw will live on the internet forever. I stand by assertions that no matter what happened, everyone was going to win.

Chris Hardwick gets ready to toss.

The Final Countdown!!

The tweet replies to Chris’ tweet were mostly positive and supportive .  You did have some smart asses attempting to make humor of the whole thing.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t checking his twitter feed anyways.  But that does not matter because it was time to mingle with all the people in their Star Wars cospaly!

Star Wars Cosplay

This is so very cool!

This is a really cool event for Star War and baseball nerds.  If I had serious money, I’d have an R2D2 unit made for him.  I’m not sure we would want to know what he did with it or where he stored it but I’m certain it would make for a very happy Chris Hardwick. That’s a win for the world.

Chris Hardwick & Yoda

Chris Hardwick & Yoda!

How could anything go wrong when Master Yoda is around?  I’m sure if anything goes wrong Master Yoda will use the force to make the ball go directly to the catcher’s mitt!

Finally, the throw

Chris winds up to throw!

From this angle he is looking like this will be a good throw.  To be fair most pitchers do not have to throw with a camera guy at the end of the mound.  On the other hand they have to face a batter who could hit that ball.  It looks like Chris showed an incredible amount of grace under pressure.

That looks like a great throw! What form! Awesome!

I knew he could translate his awesome bowling and golf swings into a really good throw! I can’t wait to see the film footage!!


Victory!! The Nerdist Win the World Series of AWESOME!

I loved being part of this even via the twitter feed.  It seems like an odd thing but I do feel like I was there.  It was great to see all the tweets reporting that the pitch was good!  Congratulations Chris Hardwick!  You managed to do something I bet you never thought was a possibility! We are all super proud of you!  Super Special Awesome job!!!

Go here for more pictures and information!  Woot!

Update (7/20/12)  here is the film footage!!  Go to min 13:00 to see a video of the whole Doger’s Star Wars experience!