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I’m chillin’ in Markt Schwaben for a few weeks.  We still haven’t decided on where to go visit but it will be somewhere around here.  In the mean time I thought I would write about my home away from home Markt Schwaben, Germany.  This little town is located about a 30 minuet subway ride from Munich.  In case you are wondering, this is the very Catholic part of Germany.  In addition to many churches there are bunches of shrines like the one below.


You never know when you feel the need but when you do, there is a shrine right near by to help you out.  God really is everywhere in Markt Schwaben!

There is a great deal of farm land and woods.  The other day we visited the horse farm.  As you can see one of the horses was excited to see me!

Horse to greet us

This horse was coming right up to greet us!

The rest were busying eating to playing with their fellow horses.

Horses being playful

Between eating and eating this horse likes to play.

One of the horses drops down and begins to roll around like a cat.  I’ve never seen this behavior before!  It was a sight to see.  In fact you can see it below!

While I do believe horses have to stay on their feet for circulatory reasons, it looks like they can roll around like kittens from time to time.

I will leave you with an awesome parody of Gotye hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”.  It’s lamenting how Star Wars was changed.  It was fine the way it was!!

Remember: Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.