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As you may or may not know exercising is boring. In order to inspire me to keep moving while still on vacation we decided to go for a walk to the Poing Zoo.  The Poing Zoo is not the biggest in the universe but it has a small collection of interesting animals.  The animals would normally be found in the area so they were used to the climate of Poing Germany.  (FYI: Poing is located near Munich Germany.  Munich Germany is the area of Germany that Americans are associate with Germany.  It is the whole Dirndl and Lederhosen. I have seen people wear them unironicly but this is not the typical clothing for most Germans.)

Dirndl and Lederhosen

Seeing good looking people in these looks makes it easier on the eye. But honestly, wearing this would make you look like these models??

When you enter there are a collection of deer and sheep.  The baby deer are adorable.  After seeing deer up close I am thinking that they are a bit over rated.  After you have bunches of deer follow you around for the box of pellets you have, they loose a bit of their majestic aura.  They are just slightly cuter versions of goats.

In addition to the usual bunch of ruminants (goats, sheep, deer) there were ponies! Who doesn’t love ponies?  They were adorable.  We got to pet them and feed them!  There was also donkeys around. The baby was very cute.  The donkeys kept to themselves.

The predators were also represented.  There were wolves, bears and birds of prey.  The wolves were busy sleeping in the sun.  The bears took some time to do some swimming but pretty much ignored all the cameras taking pictures of them.  We ended the afternoon with seeing the birds of prey show.  Seeing some of the birds fly at your head was an experience. Overall it was a fun filled day of exercising and nature watching.