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Episode 34 of my podcast will be released real soonly.  I talk about the songs recommended by Adam Carolla and David Wild.  By the way, David Wild is trying to beat Rick Springfiield for number of followers.  He’s wicked funny so go follow him.  He is @wildaboutmusic . I also talk about Chris Hardwick and the Legendary buyout.  Chris has an in depth commentary on Nerdist.com.   Summary: it seems beneficial (symbiotic) for both companies.  Nerdist Industries get resources to make more nerdy goodness and Legendary gets the web presence and content creation abilities of Nerdist Industries.  This is what we call visitivity in the business world.  (If you are Barny Stinson!)  Listen to it when it comes out! You’ll be entertained…maybe.

Pandora my cat

Pandora is amused…for now.

Course for the Force looks like it was a successful charity event.  I do love it when gamers/geeks/nerds are able to get together to show the world that we do more than sit in our own fantasy worlds.  We do stuff in the real world and make it better too!

I’ve been thinking about something Adam Carolla said on his podcast today.  He was talking about the whole Tosh thing.  Apparently Tosh said something about rape to someone in the audience.  In an entertainment venue, the audience should not be a direct part of the show.  Unless that show is designed as such.  Over the years there has been a growing sense of entitlement by people who pay a price to see a show.  These people will get up and block the views of others, or talk on their phone, or just be idiots.  Now they are actually attempting to provide commentary on the live show itself.  This is fine under certain contexts but honestly most people are attempting to be funny when they are not at all funny.  They would be on the stage if they were funny.

I’m not condoning rape or any physical violence against another human being.  Comedians should not have to apologize for what they say during their act.  It really should be up to the individual audience member to determine where they draw the line. If a comedian crosses that line it should be on the audience member to simply not support that comedian. Why are audience members expecting everything to be censored for them?

I do have more thoughts on that but I want to get something else out of my head before I forget it.  Adam Carolla says it is time to take responsibility.  I agree with that but then he also said to put things like Spiderman where it belongs, as something children are into.  I disagree with this.  The assumption that things like comic books, science fiction, fantasy …well nerdy pursuits  are something that is limited to a certain age group.

When the mainstream back lash against Nerd Culture happens it will stem from the idea that one should be a certain way based on how old you are.  These age based milestones were fine and dandy when you were a  baby.  But I think that they are confining and limiting as an adult.  I hope to always be a proponent of finding and pursuing your passions no matter what.  Unless that passion involves the non consent of another person.  That’s just not cool.

The point is this.  How else are you going to find what you are passionate about if you don’t purse the things you are interested in?  How will you know what your talents are if you don’t go out there and try.  So don’t let anyone say that you are too anything to be interested in the things you are interested in.  (That could include being female, male, old, young, poor, rich, etc.) Most importantly do not give up what you want most for what you want now.