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The problem with putting more irons in the fire is to remember you have all those irons in the fire.

I was wondering what my next podcast would be about but as I started doing the show notes I realized that I did have lots to talk about.  I also realized I have not posted anything here in a while. So here I am!

I received a few comments that I approved.  I have a feeling they are really spammers but having some comments on the site makes me feel like someone is looking? The whole point of writing is to have readers.

The next big project is getting my Budapest photos organized and posted.  Then I need to post about the experience.  Budapest is well worth visiting.  It is steeped in history. It represents the height of creativity as well as how humans can be neglectful.  It is a city of rebirth and rejuvenation.  The post on it will be epic!

It was my birthday last week.  I was debating for a long time as to if I was going to beg around twitter for happy birthday from celebrities.  I decided that wasn’t my style and did not .  I did ask people to ask Chris Hardwick for a birthday greeting.  About 6 people tried but their efforts yielded nothing. But it was really cool that 6 peopled tired!

In addition to my Budapest post, I’m working on a cosplay enables nerds to celebrate Halloween year round! The sad part is that many cosplayers are opting for the “Slutty” X.  I think you can be sexy without being slutty.  It is a fine line and not everyone’s line is in the same place.  It all has to do with being realistic about who you are and your body type.  Most of the time it is a matter of wearing a costume that fits you properly (not too big or too small).
Thought for the day: How much of a douche do you have to be to use this? http://www.simplystamps.com/Special_Occasion_Signature_Stamp-details.aspx

Remember: Do not give up what you want most for what you want right now.