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iTunes released an update to their free Podcast app.  In the app you can manage your podcast subscriptions.  You can regulate the following for individual podcasts:

  • Episodes kept (all, unplayed, recent, etc)
  • When to download
  • View by newest or by oldest

The radio station is great from discovering new podcasts.  You can pause, forward an episode, back to the beginning of an episode all from the lock screen.

Now for the not so good things.  While some of the performance problems have been addressed, I’m still experiencing some weird behaviors.  The podcast will randomly start over or take a great deal of time to fast forward/rewind 30 seconds.   The app does not seem to be sync between devices.  There still is not a way to make lists.

In conclusion the update makes the app almost useable but the missing functions prevent me from recommending this over your existing podcasting app.