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I understand what the author is trying to say.  I think podcasting is at its beginning not its end.  It is a bit premature to declare the death of podcasting.  Sure there hasn’t been a podcast star to replace the radio.  But that doesn’t mean someone won’t become a star in the future.

Adam Carolla gave up a multifigure deal on the radio to keep doing his podcast.  That says much about the future of podcasting vs. radio. Adam Carolla’s income is generated from the loyal fans supporting the podcast by supporting the sponsors.

I would even say that the Nerdist Podcast has been instrumental in the success of Nerdist Industries.  Granted Chris Hardwick had a significant number of fans from his stand up and hosting duties on G4.  But the podcast has really helped him to expand Nerdist Industries into TV and youtube.

While the article is nice to think about the fact remains that the rumors of podcasts death are greatly exasperated.