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World Premire of Doctor Who Season 7

Today there are people watching the first episode of season 7!

The world premier of Asylum of the Daleks is today.  But as far as the premier of the show on BBC or BBC America?

10 doesn't know

David Tennent’s 10 doesn’t know but is waiting for season 7 too!

I will post this everywhere as soon as I get a date.  I’m amused that the official tumblr feed used David Tennant’s 10 from his first episode.  He wears those pj’s again in the episode Smith and Jones.  “You had me at Barcelona!”

In the mean time here are a couple of cool things I found on the internet!!

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Another Source

Imagine if you could make a light bulb into a speaker?  How ultra portable would that be. Well this is a thing that exists NOW!  It’s called the audio bulb wireless music system by GIINII.  Compared with the price of wiring your whole house, this is a fairly cheap way to set up a home or office system.  The system comes with 2 speakers and a remote control.  The best part is the portability and no wires.

light bulb speakers

Wireless Speaker System with Light Bulb

Purchase on Amazon!

Finally this is a thing you could potentially buy.

YOU can own Loki

There are all sorts of action figures that you can buy.  This is just so unbelievable awesome. Although boarding on the uncanny valley.  But still….my very own Tom Hiddleston as Loki? If the prices were on there then I would be extremely tempted.