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Here is the platform I would run on:

  • Reproductive rights for women.  There can be no equality between men and women without reproductive rights. This includes the right to choose an abortion and contraceptives.
  • Legalize pot for recreational use.  Prohibition did not work for alcohol.  How is it working on pot?
  • Immigration policy that states if you can support you and your family, welcome to the United States of America.
  • Granting the civil right of marriage to gays.  I do not care what churches recognize or not but the legal framework for two people to decide that they want to unit their lives should be extended to same sex couples.
  • Energy policy that focuses on renewal energy.
  • Going back to the tax code we had back in 1999.

Me and Secretary of State Roland Zeuge developed this platform.  Who wants to run with me? What do you think my odds of getting funding are? I can forget Chick Fil A but how about Five Guys Burgers and Fries (dayum Dayum DAYUM!)

I would have Wil Wheaton as my running mate.  He seems to be incredible smart and savey about these things.

Who else should I have in my cabinet? Would you make a better running mate? If so why?

(This is a silly exercise in political thinking.)