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Chris Hardwick's old twitter pict

For a while Chris Hardwick and Adam Carolla had similar pictures. You can imagine my confusion. “What’s Chris complaining about now?”

Over the next span of time yet to be defined I will be covering various issues in the book The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick.  Even if you have already read this book, I highly recommend that you read it again.  It is a delightful combination of self help and humor.  I call it the dark chocolate peanut butter cup of self help books.  Use the Nerdist Amazon link to pick up a copy today! Not only do you get a great book but you also give Chris Hardwick a little bit extra.  I’ve also heard that the audio book is even more entertaining!

A fantastic additional resource for the book is the website: http://nerdist.com/nerdistway/

So now that the book pimping is done let us discuss the road map.  The beauty of this book (other than the cover) is that you can slice it up and re organize to suit your desired goal.  This is just one method.
For the sake of clarity I will present this totally awesome way of re-ordering in a billeted list! Here it is:

  • One Minuet Hug: giving yourself a break helps you give other people a break.  It also adds positive energy to your life. The world is full of trolls who will gladly make fun of you. Stop being your own troll!
  • The value of metrics–but don’t marry ’em.  This point is at the end of the book.  But I feel it is important enough to put towards the beginning.  In my job we take numbers for lots of things.  We do not use every number because some of them are meaningless.  But if you are trying to save money, loose weight, manage your time or lots of things, you need a baseline.  Once you have that baseline you can come up with strategies to solve that particular problem.
  • Mind
    • Character Sheets!!! How to set and view progress.  I will finally make one and submit it to the Nerdist Way website.
  • Body
    • The Physical Selves: There are many benefits to exercise and eating well.
  • Time: our more valuable commodity
    • Money: balancing and saving
  • So you like to do things like eat? Getting paid.
    • Freelancing (via Nerdist Way)
    • 9-5ing (via me)
    • College–the return
    • Graduate School–the insanity

This is a tentative schedule that will change as I actually start talking about this stuff.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/flames/quemments