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Live at NY Comic Con (Guillermo Del Toro, Joel Hodgson, Travis Beacham)


This was almost another lost live podcast.  The lesson here is that if you see something isn’t right do not just shrug and carry on.  Make sure you try to tell someone. Even if something is above your pay grade.  I wonder if having a check sheet would help the situation?  The world loves check sheets.  The Help Desk runs on check sheets.  Pilots do not fly plans without check sheets.  It is something I would think of having for a live show in case you are dealing with people who are not from Nerdist.

I seriously doubt there is another celebrity that is as engaged with their fans as Chris Hardwick is.  He’s been doing the social media for many years now.  I just hope he doesn’t get burned out by the whole experience. After following the tweets that people send him about 99% are positive and supportive.  CH has said that he dwells on bad comments over good comments.

For the most part I think people are fairly understanding and want to understand.  So if you explain that X happened because Y, they will be content with that.  Have I mentioned that I’m incredible naive? Oh I don’t deny the existence of trolls. I just think most of the negative comments stem from not having an important piece of information and not because they are trying to be mean.

I wish people would ask themselves “What is CH suppose to do with this information?” before they post to him (or anyone really).  Someone tweeted to CH “I hated your tie.”  Wow you have an opinion and like most butt holes, it stinks.    Talking Dead is a live show so he can’t go back and re-tape.  So is he suppose to burn the tie and send the user the film footage?  The point is that informing someone you dislike something without any follow up is pointless.  Honestly, no one cares that you hate that thing.  You just end up being a waste of everyone’s time. For the record I liked his tie.  It would look even better crumpled up on my floor.  BOOM! Just kidding. Someone else has that pleasure.

In conclusion: etiquette is a lost art.  There use to be books on acceptable behavior.  It is great that we live in a relatively open society where almost anything goes.  But it is not great that people are becoming less civil to one another. What do you think about what I’ve written or anything else on your mind?

Oh by the way the show was great.  Listen to it up top.  My quemment is towards the end.  My follow up quemments should have been: Where do you see Nerdist Industries 5 years form now?  Where do you see your life 5 years from now?  Would you be sad if I were still following you around to various stand up and live shows? (That makes me sound needy but these are hypothetical questions that will never be answered.)