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If only I didn’t have a phobia about watching myself I would record a response video. I’ve gotten used to dealing with the sound of my voice.  I just pretend it’s someone else I’m editing.  But dealing with video…I’m not there yet.

The important information in this video is

  • Chris Hardwick has a delicate constitution.  He had motion sickness from watching a video game.  I know by taking a certain amount of Schadenfreude I’m dooming myself to the same fate. However, my esophagus has a strict one direction policy for ingested items such as food and drink. I will make medical exceptions. But overall I really dislike the whole evacuation of my stomach contents by reversal peristalsis. That being said, Chris Hardwick got nauseous by watching a video game. That’s pretty funny.
  • It’s Halloween Time!! Are you guys excited?  I’m rocking my current version of the 8th Doctor and my stand by 4th Doctor.  I will always attempt to do other things but the 4th Doctor is well…my signature look.  I think most people think I have poor fashion sense instead of being a character.  I’m going to update the 8th Doctor look for Gally.  It’ll be more steampunk (I hope).
  • What are you dressing as?  If you could cosplay as anything, cost and your own looks aside, what would it be?

Contest time: The first person who tells me what my character name is for my Character Tome gets a free hard cover copy of the Nerdist Way.  If you tell me WHY I named myself that, it’ll be signed by Chris Hardwick.  If you want to wait for the copy, I’ll get it personalized.  HINT: The answer is in my podcast episode “Post Nerdist Live Blues.” Yes this is a cheap attempt at getting you to listen to my podcast. Because views/listens/downloads numbers reflect self worth!! Seriously, I’m trying to build an audience. For what? We’ll see……

The 4th Doctor Meets up with the Angels???!?!? DON’T BLINK