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Saturday, November 10th was the premier of Chris Hardwick’s hour comedy special on Comedy Central.  It seems like yesterday that the special was filmed—if yesterday was February 17th.  I’m sure that Comedy Central has lots of things that they need to edit in order to air them.  Like fine wines this was worth the wait.  It was great to see the finished product.  It was like a sweet walk down memory lane. It brought to mind that awesome February day when I took a train to New York.  I met my friend Gillian.  We walked to the theater and waited…..and waited…and waited.  We wanted to get good seats.  Since we were 4th in line we managed to get seats in the first row of non-VIPs.

I met many awesome Nerdist fans that day.  Chris even walked out and said hi to me–by name–MY name. He was on his way to Starbucks for some tea–but that is beside the point.  I was so happy to be in the audience for both shows! After the show I got to meet the lovely and charming Chloe Dykstra. Chris looked so happy that day.  It was a real delight to be part of that whole day!

Watching the premier on Comedy Central was a really cool experience. Chris live tweet from his account and the Comedy Central twitter account during the showings for both the East and West coast.  It made the premier into an event! If you are a fan of Chris Hardwick this is a must see.  If you are not familiar with Mr. Hardwick the following youtube videos are a small sample of the show. If you like those then give the rest of the show a watch!

You can preorder the DVD from Amazon! The release date is January 22, 2013!!


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Almost everything Chris Hardwick has done on Comedy Central can be watched (possible over seas too):


My favorite: http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/tklk05/stand-up-chris-hardwick–hotel-rooms