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Once upon a time I attended a lecture about how there is a fine line between comedy and horror.  Think about movies such as the Mummy and Frankenstein.  Back in the day there was a comedian duo called Abbot and Costello.  I saw their movies in syndication because I’m not THAT old and I know stuff that has happened before my glorious birth.  They had a movie called “Abbot and Costello meet the Mummy”.  They also had a movie called “Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein.”  The monsters both movies were basically the same.  The same make up.  I wouldn’t be surprised it the same actors played the monsters.  The idea is you can make something scarey funny by tweaking the situation ever so slightly.  It really isn’t surprising that lovers of comedy are also lover of horror.  At a very basic level people recognize the similarities between comedy and horror. It is why we laugh when we find out the thing that just frightened us was only a piece of dust.

This is where I begin my philosophical journey.  I am on a quest to understand the very heart and soul of funny and by extension horror.  I am also on a quest to see if you can be funny without being mean.  Some people can. My whole raison d’être is to celebrate what I love and respect the things I don’t care for by not making fun of them.  I admit that there are times where this is difficult. But who am I to tell the person passionate about a thing that they are misguided and foolish. Couldn’t the same be said of me and  my love of say—Doctor Who.

My first attempt has been trying to be funny or somewhat entertaining on twitter. That’s novel right? 1,500 twitter followers cannot be wrong! That’s not a typo…..it’s 1.5K! Watch out Chris Hardwick, I’ll be catching right up to you in about 1,000,574 years 3 months 2 days 9 hours 22 minuets 12 seconds! (I did the math! 😉   Then it’s on to Dane Cook! (Why am I living in a universe where Dane Cook has more followers than Chris Hardwick? But Dane did tell me how many Octobers there are….wait how many Octobers are there? Math is so confusing.)

But then there is the siren’s call of comedy.  I think it comes from my love of philosophy and my desire to keep preforming.  I can’t be in Marching Band forever. I suppose I could sink my time into being a better saxophonist.  I do have moments of brilliance but I also have moments of “what small animal are you killing.”  But like everything I do—I want to do it all.

So I wrote this : https://dihard11.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/seeds-of-awkward-comedy-bits-part-1/

and then this    https://dihard11.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/seeds-of-awkward-comedy-bits-part-2/

I’ll probably write another one.  I will also perform those gems on the final DiHard podcast of the year.  It’ll be a year end thing.  After you listen to me be unfunny for 20 minutes you can listen to people actually being funny on the Nerdist end of year comedy special.

Still, I wrote the second part and published it. But I still get the feeling I should unpublish it.  It seems so complainy and whiny and bitchy.  I started wondering if the essence of stand up is convincing a group of captive people that they must laugh.  I call it consensual comedic Stockholm syndrome.  The essence is that people pay money and they aren’t allowed to leave unless they laugh.  It is a subconscious agreement between the comic and the audience.  It’s totally a thing. If I disappear suddenly then you know the league of comic geniuses have eliminated me for revealing the most sacred of their trade secrets! (*Note: There is not league of comic geniuses.  To say so would be breaking rule 1. But that’s impossible because as I have already stated there is no league of comic geniuses. Thank you.)

My major concern in this whole project is that since there are very few successful woman in the comedy world you have to be ueber brilliant to even consider it.  My self doubt is great fodder for my self depreciation but it’s very good about getting out of the way so I can actually function as a human being. (Yes I’m reading the Nerdist Way.  Have you NOT listened to my pod? No, hey I have this podcast called DiHard. http://dihard.info check it out.  I think it’s pretty cool!) I feel like someone is going to pat me on the head (I’m short) and say “Awww you think you are funny, that’s adorable!” Then give me a gentle yet firm slap on the ass and say “now go in the kitchen and make me some cookies.” I have a weird imagination.

This is only the beginning and hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship??? Unless you think this journey is total shenanigans then I apologize but I cannot give you your time back.  At any rate thank you for reading!