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As a nerd, I must admit that I obsess over things. It’s what nerds do. We pick things apart, we discuss ad nauseum, we rehash and rehash and rehash until someone hits us in the face, rendering us incapable of rehashing, then we find another avenue of rehashing that doesn’t require a face and keep on going there.

Right now my friends are rolling my eyes at two (minimum) obsessions I currently foster: 1) Doctor Who and 2) The Avengers/Thor. It’s my nature, I can’t deny it. When I enjoy something, I seek it out until I find something new to which I devote my attention. Not very long ago I was discovering the joys of Supernatural and squeeing over its delightfulness. Neil Gaiman has captured my attention as well, and I don’t think I’ll be letting go of his novels anytime soon.

I personally need something to do to stay sane outside of work. I’ve never thought of myself as a creative type, but now I’m starting to think I need to reconsider on that front with what I’m doing. Maybe it’s something that’s always been a part of me, maybe it’s something that’s just now starting to emerge. My nerdy obsessions are a part of my creative output now. I’ve been drawing dalek comics for more than a year now, I’m creating Avengers/Thor fan art, and now I’m writing about demons for my National Novel Writing Month project.

How do your nerdy obsessions play a role in your life? Do you do as I do and create related things? Or are you more of a consumer? Are you both in equal parts?