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I could talk about how the movie Singin’ in the Rain is beautifully shot or how intricate the dance numbers are. I could go and on about how the movie captured a turning point in movie history. It illustrates the transition between silent and talking pictures. We are experiencing a similar transformation in entertainment now. Like in ages past there are people who say these new technologies are a fad and won’t last. But we all know that industries who fail to respond to changes in technology and consumer tastes end up a historical foot note. The best way to entice you to view this film is to tell you why I love it. The thing in life that speaks to me the most is music. The songs are classic and each managed to playfully capture a universal truth about being human. The movie was created around the songs.

Singin’ in the Rain

This is the signature song of the movie. On the surface this seems like a delightful song about walking around in the rain. This song and dance is really about that feeling you get when you first fall in love. Imagine meeting someone who shares the same interests as you. Imagine further that one of their interests is you! It’s that feeling of butterflies in your stomach or if you ever experienced a ride that drops you like Space Mountain. It’s disorientating but oddly exhilarating. Like Gene Kelly dancing and splashing around in the rain, there is s feeling that no matter what happens in your life you are in love. The final part of the dance is Gene Kelly giving his umbrella to a passer by. He does not need the umbrella partly because he soaked and partly because the joy he feels makes an umbrella unnecessary. In short the song and dance to Singin’ in the Rain is the pure joy and bliss of love’s first blush!

Good Morning

This feature song occurs after a night spent brainstorming. The three main characters have returned home from a disastrous primer. If the movie is released as is it could end the careers of the stars. The challenge is how to re imagine the movie to make it compatible with the new talking pictures. After getting their solution–make it a musical–they realize that it is morning! There are many little details about this number that add to its charm. Right before the song they are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They are also drinking milk. There is something incredible reminiscent of childhood about eating peanut butter and jelly while drinking milk. The message here is the joy of coming up with a solution after a great deal of time collaborating–especially after staying up all night. It is hard to believe that Debbie Reynolds learned how to dance only 6 months before she started filming. She was barely 18 when she filmed Singin’ in the Rain. This amazing dance captures the relieve of finding a solution to a problem after a long night of calibration.

Make ’em Laugh

This is Donald O’Connell’s big dance number. It is about the drama vs. comedy. This is a common theme in entertainment. While comedies are rarely nominated for Academy Awards, almost every dramatic actor dreams of a comedic role. The whole point of the number is that many people will go a long way to make people laugh. The physicality of the dance put Donald O’Connell in the hospital. This dance really proves that life can be easy but comedy is hard.

So I hope you enjoyed the song samples of the movie. There are more songs and of course a cool story line! The dancing is amazing and timeless. Viewing movies like these are the closest we can get to time travel without a TARDIS! Singin’ in the Rain is available where you purchase your multimedia including the 60th Anniversery Blu Ray edition on Amazon!

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