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Chris Hardwick posted a link to his awesome Christmas music video “All I Want for Christmas is to Rock.” Of course I have the link down below but before you go visit the totally awesome set of Christmas music videos, let’s chat for a bit.

I do not know if you noticed the featured photo?  It’s from Attack of the Show when Olivia Munn was on the show. It was when they were pimping Hot Tub Time Machine.  The video for that goes up until just before Chris shows up in his speedo. I have searched though google, youtube, redtube, youporn, etc. in search of this video! If you can hunt this video down and get it to me, I will be forever grateful.  If you want a Nerdist T-shirt, I will buy you one.  An authentic one! I’m going to Sf Sketchfest in Feb.  I’ll have all three guys sign it. PLEASE, I need to see this video—for reasons of research and SCIENCE!

If you would like a shout out, just tell me about your New Years plans.  Do you do New Years resolutions?  Have you managed to follow though with any of them?  Do you have any crazy New Years stories?  I might have a couple that involve fireworks and alcohol.  What could go wrong eh?

Remember: Do not give up what you want most for what you want RIGHT NOW. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses!

Music Video Awesomeness:

Anyone who is a fan of 1980’s hair bands will love this video.  Jonah Ray drumming is epic! So much awesome in one video!

Last year Tim Minchin recorded this song but due to “time issues” it was cut.  But he posted it and now we can all enjoy the genius that is Tim Minchin! Religion can be silly when you break it down.

This is a classic Weird Al Christmas song.  It take advantage of the paranoia surrounding nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union.  Little did we know what was REALLY going on there.

This song is unintentionally funny.  It holds a special place in my heart.  We played this song one Christmas while decorating the Help Desk.  It’s a great video to see what the styles in the 80’s were.  It’s like traveling back in time!!