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This is a story of a thing that happened but was in no way related to something that didn’t. If you haven’t seen the Doctor Who episode “Angels Take Manhattan” then this post isn’t for you.

I finally saw the Doctor Who episode “Angels Take Manhattan”.  I knew what was going to happen and how things were going to end.  Tumblr is very good for spoiling things.  There should be a 1 week moratorium on spoilers.  But since I don’t run the internet it is not a thing I can make possible.   It was a good episode.  I think the criticism that the Doctor could have landed the TARDIS near them is a bit harsh.  But I’ll save my review for another post/podcast episode.


The effect is that my glasses go from my face to his.  Yes as you can see that is indeed how things look. It’s pretty neat. Still, what my nerdy girl brain did with him wearing my glasses was this:


I’m completely reading into the situation something that was not there nor was it intended. It’s just the way my mind wires and connects things.  My other thoughts were “did I clean my classes today?” “Oh cool, he’ll see the world as I do for one brief second.”  But mostly all I could think of was this:

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For him when we meet it is a moment that adds to so many other people. I’m just a pixel in a picture of millions of pixels.  For him it is a brief encounter with a fan. For me it is…..yeah. My heart is a bit mushy.  It is a wonder it hasn’t been stomped on by the world.  But here I am…just about as naive as I was when I was 19. …and I fell for a man with sonic screw driver.  On the other hand the visit to Nashville will be seared into my brain forever but always weirdly linked to the Ponds farewell.