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Just Cos: Chloe in the City

This is a fantastic concept for a nerdy youtube show.  I’ve always been a bit disappointing because the show has been more flash than substance.  It boils down to “look at these pretty people in cosplay.” It always leaves me feeling like I’ve learned nothing about the art of cosplay. This episode is conceptual great.  I really like the narrative form.  But ultimately it left me colder and more empty than previous episodes.  Here is what we learned in this episode. Chloe is hot as Laura Croft Tomb Raider.  Chris Loves Chloe.  Chloe refers to her current boyfriend.  Chloe likes to cosplay. I know this already.

I will freely admit that if this show had Jonah Ray and Deanna Roney I would be gushing endlessly over how cute it was. Obviously I am not an indifferent reviewer. If you are looking for something to give you real insight into cosplay, this isn’t it. It strikes me as a real missed opportunity.  Chloe Dykstra has been cosplaying for a very long time.  What got her interested in cosplaying? What does she look for in a character? How does she go about developing a cosplay character?

We see her get ready as Laura. We see her getting ready but it would be nice to hear how she got read. How did she break down the character of Laura? What was that thought process like? Ultimately Just Cos mostly fluff and little substance.

dayum, Dayum, DAYUM: Another review

Let us change gears and palate cleanser…literally! The dayum Dayum DAYUM guy is back! This time he’s reviewing breakfast at Sonic.  Sadly Sonic didn’t stand up to the level of Five Guys. Still, the resulting video is a treasure! I could watch him describe food all day.  He’s a food poet! I so want to hang out with him.