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2/4/13: I wrote this a while ago.  I want to release a new article so I did some editing.

The hits don’t stop until we reach the top! Ok, that has no meaning in this project so let’s move on.

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Go ahead click on them. As the visit numbers rise so does my self esteem! Remember, I will be delivering these gems badly on a podcast like soon. Where did this year go?

Topics for the third installment! ZOMG I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

  • The usefulness of significant others, in particular men
  • The prequel to 300: More hot almost totally naked people!
  • Gerard Butler was fantastic in 300.  He is great looking and a passionate actor but I cannot get into him as a leading rom-com actor. He should just keep making 300 style movies.  Let me be clear, while I am attracted to him I wouldn’t want to have physical relations with him.  I just like looking at him like one would a really nice painting in a museum.
  • I will never be able to hear the words Pre Calculus again without giggling like a 13 year old girl.
  • I would say that I’ve been corrupted but I think my mind has been in the gutter for a while now. It’s just fun to bump into like minded individuals.
  • The miscalculations of dealing with Nerds
    • Me and interviewing Nerds: I keep forgetting that nerds react to microphones/cameras the way cockroaches react to light…they both scatter in their presence.
  • Oscillating self esteem: It is odd the way my self esteem oscillates these days.  I’ve seem to have caught a case of narcissism.  This is great because it inspires me to do my podcast.  It also keeps me from the cycle of work/sleep/gym.
  • A part of me wishes I had the comic gene.  I’m what is called living room funny.  I’m good at cracking a joke to keep work light.  But if I do have the comic gene, I think I’ve suppressed it so much that there is no activating it.
  • Faking laughter is like faking an orgasm (organism might be funnier…)  ….both can turn real if you really believe in what you are doing.