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It’s been really busy but in a good Nerdy Fun kind of busy.  It’s been a week since Gallifrey One already!  If you want to experience some of Gallifrey One check out Radio Free Skaro! Episode 350-354 contains a great deal of Gallifrey goodness.  Check out my photos: http://dihrd.me/Zn7TxX I’ll be updating that with photos from the Panels!  I will also be podcasting on my DiHard Podcast!    Tickets for Gallifrey 2014 go on sale March 8th at 3pm EST!

Here are a few kick starter projects that I am funding.  You might want to think about funding them too?

Funny Business: A Comedy Photo Book (March 11th)


If you are a fan of comedy or you are just looking for another coffee table book, this book is for you. Not only does  it contain photography of really funny people, for the mere price of $60 you will receive the book and an audio book.  The great and awesome Dave Hill has recorded an audiobook to accompany the book.  Hurry up while the $60 price is available!

The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened (March 10th)


Remember a little Superman project that had Nicholas Cage as Superman? That movie had Tim Burton directing and written by Kevin Smith! I hate that I do not live in a world where this movie is a reality.  This project is the next best thing.

Inspector Spacetime Prequel to Season 2! (March 9th)


It is incredible that a 15 second bit on the show Community ended up sparking the imagination of the internet.  How could it miss when it managed to tap into one of the most passionate fans on earth–Whovians.  I supported season 1 and I am proud to support the prequel to season 2!!

The City Series :: by McNabb & Co. Studio March 17th


I love the concept of reusing resources to create art.  This project takes old wood to and creates these amazing buildings.  This is a chance to own a unique piece of art.