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This is how the week started. The rest of the week hasn’t been bad it’s just been really weird. There were many meetings and training sessions this week. There was also a false alarm of a gunman on campus. Supposedly someone said they had a gun and someone else interpreted it as something dangerous. It escalated from there. The whole campus was on lock down. The worst part was being hungry because the lock down happened right before lunch.

The Nerdist Way Ham trainings did not go as well as it did in my head. Tuesday’s Human Resources training class went ok but people said it was boring. I think I KILLED it on Thursday—before the lock down. Then I spent 2 hours wondering if I was going to be actually killed.

So I’m ultra bummed out tonight. I decided to jump into a discussion about diversity. I think the conversion ultimate went well and was really good. But stuff happened. Sigh.

I just don’t feel like doing much. CH is doing several shows this weekend. I have tickets to Saturday’s show. If I didn’t need stuff signed I would just send CH the money for the two drinks that I am required to order. But my Mom is coming with me to NY. I’m also meeting my fellow North Atlantic Nerd Organization or NANO. I’m amused by the creativity of my fellow Nerdist.

In hopefully better news, I might start to be a contributor for another website. I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t say more. I’m super excited to be able to contribute to another site. I might also have a partner for my podcast. We’ll see how that all works out.

This week was odd. I just want to dig a hole somewhere and sleep but I will “choose a better attitude.” Please weekend, please be epically good?