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So here we are at the 5th part of a never ending tale (tail) of comedy.  That was a well crafted sentence right there. Anyways, year after I die people will look at these gems and have no doubt why civilization died out.  I’m really self deprecating today.  Saying you are self deprecating is just an excuse to beat up on yourself. I really need to stop that. I hope you  have been enjoying my attempts at making you laugh. At best I hope I make you think.  If I have to tickle you into it then I will do that!

Here it is….all about death and Barry Manilow.

  • Death: Pete Holmes talks about this on his podcast (I’ll expand on this for Seeds of Awkward Comedy Pt.  6).
  • My Barry Manilow story: I was in my car on my way home.  I stop at a stop light.  I have Sirus going and it’s on the 70’s station.  Barry Manilow is playing and I’m singing like a person who doesn’t care they are in public.  There is a car in front of me.  That person suddenly gets out of their car and walks up to my window.  I roll down the window while still blasting the Manilow then slyly turn it down. The person asks where the nearest grocery store is.  I tell them take a right at the light and keep going straight.  Then return to finish the Barry Manilow because THAT’S HOW I ROLL, DEAL!
  • Cool idea for a sketch: Boys order from a web site that advertises cats all day, every day.  They think it’s porn.  Smash cut to an old couple who order from a site that advertises pussy all day, every day.  They think that they are getting cats.  ZANINESS ENSUES.
  • Chris Hardwick (god help my nonexistent comedy career if he should retire) tweeted (4/18/13):old spice CaptureThe funny part is not about CH but about Old Spice.  The description is: Introducing Wild, a collection of deodorants and body washes from Old Spice with scents inspired by raw, manly ingredients to capture the enticing, instinctual power of nature. Well guess what?  So does shit! I’m very scared.  But on the other hand Old Spice smelled has been branding their smell since before Axe.  That makes them the hipsters of male smells!
  • Anyone who self identifies as something IS that something. For example, if you say you are a nerd–guess what? YOU ARE A NERD. Why does the nerd community require a certain amount of cred to deem you a real nerd? I’m a woman.  Do you require me to show you my tits to prove it? (Granted they are modest tracks of land at best….) I say that I am heterosexual.  Do you need to see me have sex with me to prove that too?  Even if I preferred the fairer sex, would you need to seem me with a woman to prove I was homosexual? For me being a nerd is like being a woman or my sexuality.  It is something that I am and I feel it silly to have to develop “cred.”   I am a nerd and I don’t feel the need to open up a nerd credit account to prove it.  (I do realize there are many logic errors there. The spirit of the whole bit is if someone makes a claim about themselves we should just accept it until there is proof to the contrary. Why do we make our lives more complicated than it needs to be?)
  • Peace out. *drops mic dramatically and leaves*

Now enjoy the song that inspired part of this page: