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I’ll let you guys in on a rough draft to the #Werepanther bit.  It is definitely different from what I recorded.  What I will video will be change again.  This was written over a month ago.  It’s rough but honest.  I’m heading off to MD to meed up with my fellow Nerdist/NANO’s.  We’ll be seeing a Chris Hardwick stand up show.  I’m hoping to get a podcast out of him but I’m preparing myself for disappointment.  So enjoy this peak into my psyche.  (Me from the future of 5/24/13.)

So you want to know how I cam to be so devoted to Chris Hardwick? That’s not really a question.  Are you sure you don’t want to know the story behind why I follow him around like a homeless puppy? Not really? Awwwww, come on.  I promise it will be shorter than How Ted Mosby Met Mrs. Mosby! I’m pretty sure I will only take 4 maybe 5 seasons tops!

*wavy lines or TARDIS going back in time*

So I graduated with my Master of Art in Political Science.  I was doing summer things.  I was listening to podcasts.  I started listening to the Nerdist again because Chris Hardwick was on the Adam Carolla podcast.  It reminded me that their podcast was a thing. I started listening to episode 3 of their podcast but then switched computers and lost play lists, podcast subscriptions etc.  I listened to the delightful musings of Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.

Then one day–it was August 26, 2011.  Chris Hardwick released a video that changed my life.  Jim Carey released a video proclaiming his undying love for Emma Stone. So Chris Hardwick did the same thing.  Here is a link to the Funny or Die page.

http://www.funnyordie.com/embed/386b86125a ->

ch tardis emma stone Capture

I clicked on the link and started to watch the video.  The first thing I noticed was the TARDIS plushy.  Who is this weird man that clearly likes Doctor Who? I AM now intrigued.  So I watched the video again.  It was so funny! I had tears of laughter.  I had not laughed that hard in a really long time. So I watched it again.  Did he mention steam punk? That’s a cool.  So I watched it again. Is that a tie and a tshirt he’s wearing? I love ties!  So I watched it again.  I had to know who this guy was.  I started on the Adam Carolla website.

I saw his picture with Adam Carolla but his face did not ring a bell.  So I broke my own rule on listening to podcasts–never google them to see what they look like! It’s always disappointing!  But what would be the harm in researching Chris Hardwick?  The first link was an IMDB page. That set off my first set of alarms.  But I clicked on the link anyway.  I noticed all sorts of shows he was on and had done voice over work for.  It seemed like this Chris Hardwick person was a part of my consciousness even if I wasn’t totally aware of it.  Then I saw the credit for Singled Out.  I remembered that show being vapid and sad.  I would catch it waiting for Beavis and Butthead or Daria to come on.  But for some reason I could not place Chris Hardwick.  So it was back to google for me.  At this point my warning systems were on full alert!  There were flags and sirens and fireworks going off.  It all said I was better off letting this one go.  So I clicked on google and did an image search for Chris Hardwick Singled Out.  That is when I saw this:

I had THAT moment everyone has when they put 2 and 2 together.  OH HIM.  What followed was a bunch of curses that would have made a sailor blush.  I’ve been told a lady doesn’t swear so I’ll spare you the details.  After my initial shock wore off, it was back to the video.

CH  emma stone 2 Capture

Something weird happened that day.  Maybe it was partly due to feeling incredible lost after finishing my Master’s degree.  Maybe it was the result of some ancient voodoo thing Chris Hardwick started casting to ensnare many female nerds.  Who can say for sure but view after view I became transfixed by this Whovian.  He was smart and funny on the Nerdist podcast. The video was charming and incredibly funny.  It was a real How I Met Your Mother moment. If he were watching with me, the night would have ended like the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barny found the Robin Sparkles “Sand Castles in the Sand” video.

But this is real life. Things like that do not happen.  I’ll never really understand it. Maybe it was the incredible seniority with a dash of crazy that captured my imagination.  It was like he was being his real self but wrapped it up in this comedic shell.  He really did capture the overly attached Girlfriend perfectly.  That would scare off most normal vagina owning humans.  I’m in a different universe than “normal.”  Keep in mind my favorite philosopher is this guy:

Ludwig Wittgenstein not only has a cool name but he invented truth tables. They are in the Tractatus LogicoPhilosophicusBesides, brainy has always been sexy to me! Ok, I admit it.  He looks vaguely like serial killer/child molester.

What happened that day was a fan girl crush. But over time I’ve gotten to know him as not just a Whovian with a slightly off kilter sense of humor, but as a human being.  He is not perfect. After 40+ years on this planet, he has picked up more than his share of baggage. But only boring people are baggage free.  I admire and respect him not only for all the good that he is but for all his flaws.  Listening to the Nerdist podcast has revealed many of his flaws.

Chris Hardwick, you may not have captured the attention of Emma Stone but you did manage to some how earn my respect and admiration.  That’s not something I give to everyone.  You are indeed a high level mage to pull off the Charm Di spell.  I hope that some how makes you happy or at the very least–a bit amused? Well I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

Here is DiHard Episode #69: Now Hear Me Out! if you want to listen to it: