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Welcome back!  I cannot believe it’s been a month or so since the last update.  Some people might think it is crazy to keep writing something that could be mistaken for comedy every month. Here is my next installment! I hope you are amused?

1. Inappropriate thoughts during a comedy show

One of my all time favorite Chris Hardwick bits is part of the hotel byte (8 bits = 1 byte….oh just go with my flow).  It’s not the “your tits taste delicious.”  That statement is true but sadly the person who could confirm that will not be reading this.  Sadly I’m not referring to Chris Hardwick.   But that’s another story.

It’s the inadvertent 3 way.  Chris Hardwick  did it as part of Mash up for Comedy Central.  Here is a link in case you need to refresh your memory or would like to enjoy it again for the first time!–hotel-rooms

Chris performed this bit during the 930 Club show.  This time he performed it with Chloe.  She had seen the bit so many times she knew it by heart.  I have to confess that I was torn.  I love the bit.  Most of the time my thoughts drift to inappropriate thoughts of CH.  But how could I when his girlfriend was performing with him.  So clearly the solution was to include in these thoughts.  I would be a 3 way CH actually remembered.  That has NO possibility of ever becoming a future bit.  Right.

“Oh that this to solid flesh should melt. Far resolve itself into a dew. Oh truly I have received a full ride scholarship to organism college. DISMOUNT!”  (That gets me every time because of the thoughts….)

2) Yes I can restrain myself on twitter

Ok so this happened (a while ago because CH has changed his twitter icon twice):

taco Capture

I did NOT reply: I’ll have mine with extra sour cream.   Yes I’d like my award please.

3) CH has a routine where he talks about 80 year old balls.  I always wonder where his balls are hanging these days.  He is going to be 42 so does that mean they are half way down his leg?  He has not revealed that piece of information. Oh I know this is funny to ONLY me.  I really derive too much pleasure talking about CH’s balls.  Have you seen his balls?

Chris Hardwick’s Actual Balls: Who wouldn’t want to polish them? 😉

Oh the funny part: sometimes when if I bump into pictures of naked men I try to figure out how old they are by where their balls are hanging.  Of course there are some activities that might skew this a bit.  🙂

4)Trypophobia: I think this website gave me this.  It’s the creepy crawly feeling you get when looking at a picture with wholes.  This link is not for the faint of heart:

Good lord why???  OH MY GAWD. Once seen can not be unseen but only shared and shared often!!   I cannot even imagine having a penis never mind thinking “Ya know what would make my penis the most awesome penis in the world?  A big gaping hold right in the middle of the shaft!!  Oh that would make a fantastic ice breaker. I bet I’d get all the ladies with this!”