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I may not know a ton. Oh who am I kidding. I have two Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. I know lots of stuff and things. 😉 Here are a few simple rules that might help make the world a better place.

  • Saying hello and smiling at other will not cost you anything but will brighten the day of others around you.
  • When people create things their goal is not to produce something shitty.  It is better to say “That thing is not my cup of tea” then to say “Gosh that is a big pile of dog shit.”  Sure it’s semantics but hey we are trying to build a kinder gentler world here.
  • Unless you are a natural born genius, everyone sucks at the skill/talent they just started off doing.  For example, when I started playing the saxophone, I sounded like a dying swan.  Now I sound like a slightly injured swan.  The point is that it takes time and practice to become good.  We often don’t give people that chance.  I always try to be supportive of performers and artists.

What are some of your rules?  Answer in the comments below!