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The purpose of me doing this, the pod and everything is to maybe give someone out there a bit of hope.  Even if it is “oh if this hack can do this, I can do much better.” The point is to create.

  • (This feels like an actual bit)  I was watching the TV with my dogs.  There was a story on of how someone broke into this woman’s house.  She was hiding with her kids and dog.  The gentleman asked for money but she didn’t have any.  So he shot her dog.  I was out raged.  I said out loud to no one but the dogs, if someone did that to one of my dogs I would literally rip their testicles off and make them eat it.  I might look small and harmless but keep in mind I am half Italian and a quarter Filipino not to mention a female nerd.  I’m genetically programed to be a rage ball. It’s totally possible I could do this.  Then I looked down at my dogs.  They looked at me as if to say “Hey what did we do to deserve to get neutered?”
  • I’m super stressed.  I think I’m going to look up more people hugging wild animals. People will hug anything.  There is a picture of a woman hugging a honey badger. I’m sure it was taken shortly before her untimely death. Sure there is the word honey but there is NOTHING sweet about a honey badger. They don’t give a rat’s hairy butt.  I’m serious.  Would a honey badger help an old lady across the street?  Sure!  The little old lady’s mauled dead carcase.  This started me thinking.  I feel that most people would rather face an angry bear than have a honest interpersonal experience with a fellow human. I did something stupid this weekend. If I were to do it again, I’d pick the bear. Oh what did I do? I emailed someone and just said what was on my mind. I’ll never get a response but I’m certain it would be tl;dr. Bears are nice and huggable right?
  • I was born to be a hipster.   I was suppose to be born in October but born in July.  Do you know why?  Waiting to 9 months to be born is soooooo mainstream.  Still, after a live long pursuit of being a hipster I decided to reform.  I’m currently a reforming hipster.  I guess that is the most hipster thing I can do since being a hipster is currently incredibly main stream.
  • Age does not automatically gives you wisdom. Valuing youth because of its aesthetic appeal is a pretty fucked up value system.  It saddens me that so much of society values being young.  Youth is often thought of as beautiful.  Getting old is unavoidable.  Putting pictures of only young people is not going to stop the process of aging.