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I can’t tell if Chris is horrified or really scared.

  • The story of how I met Chris Hardwick. Not the whole story or we’d be here as long as Ted Mosby when telling his children of how they met their mother.  This is the story of our first meeting.  I know I’m incredible lucky or foolish that there are many more than one meeting.  But I digress.  It was Nerdist Live at the Gramercy, Friday, October 14, 2011. I know because I wrote the date on my flickr set that I took that night.  I took a train from Rhode Island to New York so of course I bought tickets to both shows.  For the record, I wasn’t the only one.  Chris seemed to be a bit bummed at the fact that a significant number of us did this.  We did NOT get together and decide to mess up his comedy routine by showing up twice.  In my defense I wanted to justify the 8 hours on a train.  Two hours of podcasts seem to justify this.  The first show had Tom Lennon.  He was great of course.  But my nerves began to increase because I knew the moment that I was going to say hi to Chris Hardwick was quickly approaching.  It takes a great deal for me to become comfortable around people.  Sure I’m really good at helping them solve their technology problems.  So I think doing stand up will be a perfect career move. Well I do love performing.  Oh yes, Hardwick.  So I wait in the back of the line.  This is a habit I hold even now.  The theory is that I’ll have a less stressful meeting and therefore will be able to say words to him that may or may not form a sentence.  That hasn’t been the case.  There is always something that happens either before me or after me. In this case it was before meeting him for the second time.  I let people go ahead of me because I’m nice. While I am nice I was just being a chicken.  The second to last guy was…wait for it…a veteran on his way back to Afghanistan on his third tour.  I was wondering how I would top that. “Hey, I was walking a dog at the animal hospital when it pulled me and I slipped on ice once.  It tore the muscles in my upper back. I didn’t have health insurance at the time.”  Or maybe the time someone lost their data and cried.  So the gentleman tells Chris how much the Nerdist podcast means to him and how it helps him when he gets home sick.  Then it was my turn.  What do I say?  I have already met him an hour ago.  He did remember that.  “Oh you again.” I didn’t tell him my name until a few times later.  Did I mention the not so good with strangers unless I’m trouble shooting their technology problems?   So I just smile and say ‘Hug?”  We hugged it out.
  • Trophy Wives:  Sometimes I think of myself as the consolation prize trophy wife.  It’s like the participation ribbon you get for just showing up.
  • Do you know how he makes most of his money?  His jokes are so old that they are collecting social security.
  • If it wasn’t for l’esprit d’escalier, I’d be witless.
  • I was born to be a hipster.  Most people are wait 9 months before they escape from the womb.  But that was too mainstream for me.  I escaped after 7 months.  My first words were meh.  But lately I’ve been trying to mend my ways.  So I’ve decided to be a reforming hipster.  Although with hipsters being so mainstream this might be the most hipster thing I could do.