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I’m not sure if this is better or worse than hosting Singled Out.  I was working at Mc Donalds and the computer lab.  I was working on my first degree.  My major was Animal Science Pre-Veterinary concentration.  It’s now the College of Environmental and Life Science (CELS).  I later switched from McDonalds to The North Kingston Animal Hospital.  During my free time I was in Marching Band, concert band and jazz band.  I joined Tau Bata Sigma for the epsilon class.  TBS is a band service sorority.  I have a total of 1 picture of me from the 90’s.  There might be pictures of me in marching band from the early 90’s.

My point is that I never did anything that wasn’t some what responsible. Earn money and go to college to earn a degree.  The craziest thing I’ve done with my life is follow around Chris Hardwick like was I was lost puppy.  I’m not sure I have the hang of this staling thing down. It’s paying to see someone perform right? Then once the performance is over then they are on their own time.

I was thinking that I haven’t been dating since before the internet age go up and running or 1997.  I honestly think I would not know the first thing about dating.  I think I would need to amass a great deal of  money and a bunch of cats.  Because I think my only future would be that of an eccentric cat lady.  I’m certainly not going for the crazy cat lady.  That’s silly.  I figure if I have a million dollars or so, my cat lady habits will be looked at as cute and eccentric.

My next thought is that I hate day time TV.  I think daytime TV exists to remind people with jobs how lucky they are to have a job during the day.  I’m reminded of this during every holiday or every time I’m too sick to go to work.  Believe me, I’ve thought about daytime TV and got my ass out of bed to go to work.

I have a feeling this episode of Awkward Seeds of Comedy was more sad than comical.  Maybe that’s where the comedy comes from.  Some day I should actually make an act out of all this crap…stuff….things.