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1. Rabbits are poorly designed.  Their legs are so powerful, they can kick and break their own back.  They can scare themselves to death.  Who knew such a cute prolific bundle of cute was so deadly…to itself.
2. I hate the word actually.  In the case of weather, it’s actually ok to use actually. But to say to someone, “I actually enjoyed your play”, is such a dick move.  Just say “I enjoyed your play.”  The word actually adds no value. It actually makes your well intended compliment an insult.
3. I’m incredible naive.  I thought the song Cherry Pie was about actual pie! I thought the song Relax was about distressing after a rough day. I thought Afternoon Delight was about eating lunch.  I just realized that the song Smokin’ by Boston is about smoking pot.


Screen shoots from twitter that might indicate a slight twitter addiction.  Note: the times are AM not PM.