I would like to think that I’ve grown as a podcaster?  This was my 18th podcast. I’m not up to 159.  This is from March 7, 2012. I did actually get a chance to talk with Chris Hardwick for 3000 seconds. It’s all about constantly improving right?

Show Notes:

  • H4N handy recorder
  • Week in review:  Nerdist Live in Colorado and Austin
  • Zombie Chris (apparently very, very, very cool and amazing)
  • Metrics and you…..*yawn fest of a meeting*  Idears…yes I AM FROM RHODE ISLAND, *sigh*
  • British people are funny but he wasn’t Chris.  I should leave the joking to someone who can tell jokes.  Oh I already regrete posting this in the podcast.
  • 30 Seconds with Zombie Chris (I didn’t say which Chris now did I?)
  • Old me vs. New me: the space between

Opening Song: Get it On performed by the 2008 URI Ram Marching Band

Closing Song: Fortress by Frank Ticheli Performed by the 2012 URI Concert Band under the direction of Dr. Brian Cardany.

Web Extra

Hey it’s Singled Out!  I remember some of these! (If I dated Chris Hardwick in the 90’s I would have spent most of our time together petting his hair. His hair was so much nicer than David Tennants.)

I can’t believe this is the same person!

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