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Show Notes

  • I’m without a computer so the episodes will be a bit bare.  I will have the talented Bentley Michaels get the Travis Richey episode sounding great!
  • This episode is dedicated to three people the world lost too soon:
    • Uncle Mike Lesieur age 67
    • Harris Wittels age 30
    • Draven Rodrigues age 17 (Laser Cat Yearbook meme)
  • This episode is a bit dark.  But I hope you find it thoughtful and slightly philosophical.

Thank you for listening! I love you guys! Remember, have an excellent!

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Web Extra

I’m happy that Harrison Wittles was on You Made It Weird a few times. I’m sad that these podcasts are my only interactions with him. The world was a funnier place with him in it. If you have the time, please subscribe to You Made It Weird and listen to the episodes with him in it. Here a couple episodes right here.