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The Hashtag Wars have been a part of @Midnight from the beginning.  Even when before @Midnight was on air, the twitter site would have Hashtag Wars.  It is probably a double edged sword as they will have to come up with new Hashtags until the end of time!

My favorite topics are food and cats. I was really inspired by  #CrappySnacks, #RejectedIceCream, #SexyFoods,  #DongFoods, #CheeseSongs, #RuinADessert just to name a few.  Classic hashtags are RuinAX where X can be anything are really fun.  Another source of hashtag awesomeness are the #MyXinYwords where x is a thing and y are the number of words.  I often have problems when it is a topic I’m not familiar with such as wrestling, hip hop, wrap, or sports.  My very favorite hashtag so far is #AddBlartImproveMovie.  I’m sure there will be plenty of #AddXImproveY where X is something less than cool and Y is the actual cool item.

I love waking up to see see what the hashtag was from midnight.  (Keep in mind I get up at 4:30am which is actually 1.5 hours after @Midnight shows on the west coast!)  I just get up.  My brain is still asleep. I won’t over think things.  I can just look at the hashtag and come up with whatever is on my mind.  It is a real challenge to think of something that is funny, original and not too far removed from the hashtag.  I’ve yet to make it to the top 10  but I really enjoy the challenge.  It is a great writing exercise. To see my awesome submissions, follow me on twitter @CHatMidKnight.  I just started using that solely for #HashtagWars!

Please comment below with your favorite hashtags or anything you wish to say about @Midnight!

Here is Chris Hardwick talking about Walking Dead, Talking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, @Midnight and MORE!  It’s an excellent interview!