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My favorite moments from @midnight!

The dramatic drop of many balloons!!

So many balloons!

The celebration of many penis jokes!

Chris Hardwick pays just as much attention to pussies as he does penises! This might be a reflection on me but I’ve listened to this rap based on a CHardwick social comentary about the treatement of pussy: E*t Dat Pussy

There was that time where Chris Hardwick begged us to promote the #HashTag #HardwickOnXFiles2015

This was my entry to the cause!  I like to think that I helped him get the opportunity to audition.


His fascination with giving the double bird on TV!!  Ok, it is more like my fascination!

Finally it was his remarks on Rachael Dolezal that really struck home.  It was like he was in my mind.  Everything he said on the issue were the same things going through my head.

I hope these images bring back as many pleasant memories as they did for me!  Thank you to @Midnight for the 286 episodes!  I wish you at least 286 more.

Remember: Hard G for Life Yo!!!