2014 DiHard’s Spotify Playlist

Welcome to the Spotify play list featuring the songs that Chris Hardwick tweets as his Heavy Rotation. I’ve also added songs that are currently heavily rotated. Let’s just assume that I keep listening to Hedwig and the Angry Inch (NPH on Broadway version) and Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Web Extras!

Neko Case was on episode #402 of the Nerdist podcast. I so love the album this song comes from. I’m glad CH posted this! What a sweet reminder! Here is that episode:


Spoon was recently on Nerdist podcast episode #555. I bought the album after I listened to the episode. If you like this song, buy the whole album! Here is that episode:



My favorite lines from this song are “Oh oh oh oh oh oh devour me, If you really think that you can stomach me.”  There is something hauntingly sad about that. I love how the song expresses the passionate need to fuck in a totally new way.



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