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If you’ve follow me or my stuff you know that I am a big fan of everything Nerdist.  The closing line to their podcast is: “Enjoy your burrito.”  Perry Michael Simon wrote a fantastic article on the BBC America site about how the saying came to be.

“Enjoy Your Burrito” has become a catchphrase of sorts for the Nerdist Podcast, closing every episode, but what does it mean? All was revealed in this episode, which posted on October 4, 2010. The burrito thing comes up at about the 56-minute mark, when Jonah discusses living in San Pedro, trying to get his comedy career going, and getting depressed. He talks about going to his favorite burrito place, and being depressed when halfway done with the burrito because it meant he’d have to go back to his depressing job. And that’s when he decided to “believe in the burrito,” enjoying the rest of the burrito right at that moment and worrying about the other stuff later. That story became, in shorthand form, “Enjoy Your Burrito,” which Nerdist fans have adopted as a motto for life. Nerdist is, at heart, about optimism and creativity

Nerdist Podcast just released it’s 601st episode! Believe it or not, no one has compiled an audio file of people saying “Enjoy Your Burrito.” So starting with episode 39, I will cull out all the “Enjoy Your Burritos.” It’ll be interesting to see when the phrase because the end phrase.  So remember, have an excellent!  One way to do that is to enjoy your burrito!

Video of the Week

It’s back…with vengeance.  I was introduced to this song because @nerdist posted it on his twitter feed.  I fell in love with the song.  It’s haunting.  It creatively expresses a strong desire to make sweet sweet love to someone.  It’s a tiny bit obsessive but then again aren’t we all.


Video of the Week


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Because of this video:

I got this video on my brain:

Remember: Don’t shoot rocks or people! I’ll leave you with something more amusing than my incredible leaps of logic.  Here is Chris Hardwick singing with Jimmy Fallon.  Now much of the world knows that Chris can sing.

Seeds of awkward comedy part 13


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  • Cats are hobbits. Except for the whole genocide of all smaller mammals. Ok, most domesticated cats are hobbits.
  • You know you might have a weight problem when your Italian Grandmother looks at you and says “Don’t you think you should put that food down.” That and lots of offers of doctors that will help you with your diet. I’m well aware of how ashamed my family is of me as well as society. My family is very odd.
  • Growing up with disaster movies. Airport movies, boating disasters such as Poseidon Adventure 1 and 2, nuclear war, and so much more.  These have given me a very fearful view of almost anything.  I’ll never travel by ship or take a cruise.  Oddly enough, I have no trouble flying.


Weird Dream Last Night


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I had a dream last night that I was invited to a child’s birthday party.  The person who invited was Chris Hardwick.  I was there with other members of Nerdist Industries.  I recognized Kyle Anderson (who writes about Doctor Who and is the weekend editor), Brian Walton (Nerdist.com editor), Monica Moon, and even Jessica Chobot was there.  Chris was surround by many small children around the age of 5.  He was so incredible adorable with all of them.  They were all asking him questions and he was answering them with his usual patience and charm. At one point he looks up at me and gives me a small wink. I’m taking pictures.

At first I thought it was odd that he would be at a child’s birthday party.  But it makes sense since he’s done cartoon voices in Back to the Barnyard, Sanjay and CraigThe Zeta Project, and more.  He really is good with children.

Then he cut this huge birthday cake.  I remember the frosting being white but with a greenish tinge.  There was something written on it but my damn dream mind can’t read.  He handed out perfectly cut pieces of cake.  He handed me the corner piece.  I smile at him because he knows how much I love frosting and the corner has the most frosting!

The cake was chocolate with raspberry filling.  It was really really good.  I ended up talking to the Mother of the birthday boy.  She asked me how I knew Chris.  I said that I am a friend and contributor to Nerdist.com.  She started asking me what that was.  I went into the whole history. I remember feeling a bit guilty about not having published anything on nerdist.com in a while.  The Mother seemed impressed with what I was telling her.

Chris Hardwick

This is my new favorite picture of Chris Hardwick. The suite is amazing. I love the texture of it. I love the color combination–the dark suit with the royal (TARDIS) blue tie and light blue shirt. It’s perfect.

Then the dream faded to me working at a McDonalds.  I think my past is haunting me.

Seeds if awkward comedy part 12


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1. Rabbits are poorly designed.  Their legs are so powerful, they can kick and break their own back.  They can scare themselves to death.  Who knew such a cute prolific bundle of cute was so deadly…to itself.
2. I hate the word actually.  In the case of weather, it’s actually ok to use actually. But to say to someone, “I actually enjoyed your play”, is such a dick move.  Just say “I enjoyed your play.”  The word actually adds no value. It actually makes your well intended compliment an insult.
3. I’m incredible naive.  I thought the song Cherry Pie was about actual pie! I thought the song Relax was about distressing after a rough day. I thought Afternoon Delight was about eating lunch.  I just realized that the song Smokin’ by Boston is about smoking pot.


Screen shoots from twitter that might indicate a slight twitter addiction.  Note: the times are AM not PM.





Seeds of Awkward Comedy Pt. 11(sad)


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I’m not sure if this is better or worse than hosting Singled Out.  I was working at Mc Donalds and the computer lab.  I was working on my first degree.  My major was Animal Science Pre-Veterinary concentration.  It’s now the College of Environmental and Life Science (CELS).  I later switched from McDonalds to The North Kingston Animal Hospital.  During my free time I was in Marching Band, concert band and jazz band.  I joined Tau Bata Sigma for the epsilon class.  TBS is a band service sorority.  I have a total of 1 picture of me from the 90’s.  There might be pictures of me in marching band from the early 90’s.

My point is that I never did anything that wasn’t some what responsible. Earn money and go to college to earn a degree.  The craziest thing I’ve done with my life is follow around Chris Hardwick like was I was lost puppy.  I’m not sure I have the hang of this staling thing down. It’s paying to see someone perform right? Then once the performance is over then they are on their own time.

I was thinking that I haven’t been dating since before the internet age go up and running or 1997.  I honestly think I would not know the first thing about dating.  I think I would need to amass a great deal of  money and a bunch of cats.  Because I think my only future would be that of an eccentric cat lady.  I’m certainly not going for the crazy cat lady.  That’s silly.  I figure if I have a million dollars or so, my cat lady habits will be looked at as cute and eccentric.

My next thought is that I hate day time TV.  I think daytime TV exists to remind people with jobs how lucky they are to have a job during the day.  I’m reminded of this during every holiday or every time I’m too sick to go to work.  Believe me, I’ve thought about daytime TV and got my ass out of bed to go to work.

I have a feeling this episode of Awkward Seeds of Comedy was more sad than comical.  Maybe that’s where the comedy comes from.  Some day I should actually make an act out of all this crap…stuff….things.


Video of the week 3/7/214


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I have discover the most amazing chat video podcast.  It’s the Kevin Pollak Chat show.  I realize that I’m a bit late to the party.  I started with the Bobcat Goldthwait and ended up downloading a bunch featuring my favorite people.  One was with Chris Hardwick.  It’s a great episode because it has a segment where Hardwick talks about his philosophy of game show hosting.  This was back in 2009 so it predates Nerdist podcast, Nerdist Industries, @Midnight, The Mandroid Special, The Nerdist Way, etc.  It’s fun to see how much has happened to Chris Hardwick in almost 5 years.

This segment features Patti Duff (@alagonichick on twitter) either/or question pie or pi!  Here is Chris Hardwick’s answer.

Here is Chris Hardwick’s really awesome Larry King impression.

If you like long form interviews, subscribe to this podcast!  It’s on iTunes and Youtube!

Here is Kevin Pollak’s appearance on Nerdist in 2010:


Episode 95: Amazon Reviews


Show Notes:

Show Notes:

  • Member of Spillway.ca , Be More Awesome
  • Naturebox.com use the promo code Nerdist for 50% off your first order
  • Thank you to @fjd3art
  • New podcast editor: Bentley Michaels, Nertitan.com and @BentleyWho
  • New Amazon review read by Erica Burns!
  • Promo: 2 Nerds 1 Podcast
  • Naturebox.com Use the promo code Nerdist for 50% off your first box! This is a great way to get healthy snacks.  I’ll let you know how I like my first order!

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Seeds of Awkward Comedy Pt. 10 (explicit)


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troll Capture

  • I should know better than to fall into the troll trap but I did.  I was thinking that If I strangled the person, there would be NO court on earth that would not acquit me.  Your Honor, he said that because the show is called @Midnight that it should always air @Midnight.  I couldn’t help myself!!!!!!!  That’s how that went in my head.
  • I don’t get the attraction to John Hamm.  He just doesn’t do it for me.  He reminds me of Hector Madden (Dominic West) of the Hour.  I’m more of a Freddy Lyon (Ben Whishaw).  It might be something to do with my “museum looking men” vs. (I don’t really have a good word for it) men I’d actually date.  Museum men are those that are great to go look at but you’d never take home.  There is a complex formula for why not.
  • I’m always amused by  my own narcissism and arrogance.  It takes a great deal of that to look at a person and think that just because you are interested in them, the feelings would be reciprocated.  But we all build these little fantasies in our head.
  • I was talking to my man about CH’s money.
    I imagine that this is what he does in his free time.  Yes he defies the laws of gravity and physics to go swimming in his money, which is all in gold coins for some odd reason.  (I’m distracted by that gif….) So I mentioned that this is CH’s singled out money. (Trust me, this is going to be a very disappointment ride.)  But it can’t be because he drank all of that Singled Out money away during the early 200’s on crap American beer.  My guy pointed out that there is good American Beer.  I said sure there is but CH wasn’t drinking THAT.  He responded, “Heck, even Coors Lite gets less bad with every consecutive can that you drink  ;-) After 5 or so it’s quite tolerable.  I should send that to Coors as a quote for them to print on the can! “Hurts less to puke up than Busch””   I replied, “I could never get to my 5th can of Coors Lite.  I’d rather eat an apple.  I hate apples but at least after I eat an apple I feel good and good about myself.  After a can of Coors Lite I’m left with the taste of piss in  my mouth and regret in my heart. (That was a long walk to a not funny ending.)

Happy Holidays everyone!!  I hope to be back with more funny stuff?

I’ll leave you with something actually funny and holliday-ish. Here’s a bunch of comedians doing an 80’s hair band version of a Christmas Song.  It’s “All I want for Christmas is to Rock” by Sniper featuring Chris Hardwick because we all could use a little more Chris Hardwick in them…I mean their lives….in…me…lives…your life.  UG.. Just watch the video!

Like the song, download it free from here: http://www.nerdist.com/2009/12/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-to-rock/


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