Hate by numbers is an awesome web series that points out human hypocrisies and inconsistencies in a fun and amusing way.  Gladstone has been producing these videos for years.  There was a dark time when there were no new HBN’s.  It was terrible.  We had to get our dose of snarkey web based humor from other sources such as The Lonely Island.  One glorious day Gladstone brought back HBN.

It is a simple production model.  Gladstone produces 4 episodes for every $2,000 he raises.  Gladstone is usually able to raise the money in the span of about 2-3 weeks. I’m sure the donations trickle in as he releases videos.

The episode above is the latest (as of now).  The beauty or as I’d like to call it, genius of HBN is pointing out life’s absurdities.  The 24 hour a day news cycle has given Gladstone a so many pieces to choose from.  This one is about what CNN’s AJ Hammer calls “Hologram Madness.”  This episode contains not only a zinger but another awesome performance by Ash Gladstone.  Ash was originally known as the neighbor’s kid Johny but later revealed to be Gladstone’s actual son.  They do play incredible well off of each other.

The following episode is Gladstone’s self proclaimed best episode. After re-watching the episode I have to say that it is one of my favorites as well. No it is NOT only because he is shirtless with long hair and dreads.  It illustrates why I avoid the Rhode Show.  Ok, maybe a shirtless Gladstone does increase my enjoyment.  But don’t let Gladstone’s naked chest stop you from enjoying this classic gem!

I adore the HBN Black Eyed Peas episode.  But if I have to pick one (and thank goodness I don’t have to) I’d go with HBN 63: Is “Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero” The Worst Protest Song Ever? I love this episode because Gladstone expresses all the insanity of the Stop the Mosque movement in a coherent and amusing way.  To be honest I enjoyed Gladstone’s song at the end.  I wish he would play his guitar and sing more. But that could be just a personal opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this Hate by Numbers sampler.  You should be totally hoooked on the series by now! If you are then go to http://www.kafkamaine.com/hatebynumbers You can find more episodes and a way you can help assure the creation of more Hate by Numbers.